About Electric Token

We are a startup team, ready to democratize and revolutionize the world of electricity through blockchain technology. In Brazil, we are planning door-to-door sales of electricity contracts. We have been actively engaged in developing our project since 2017 and we are highly motivated to achieve all of our goals in the future. The journey will be tough as the world of cryptocurrencies is very unstable, but we have an answer for that. We have a strong community, a financially strong business model and our electric token platform.

1. With the fall of the Brazilian monopoly, an important opportunity for electric tokens emerged.

The monopoly of the Brazilian market for energy producers worked well for a long time and the electricity capacity in Brazil grew by 500% between 1950 and 1990. In the last two decades, however, the power grid has dropped sharply, forcing the government to borrow $ 26 billion. This resulted in a price increase of almost 70% in order to save the system from bankruptcy. Despite this intervention, the system continued to deteriorate over the next decade. The severe lack of energy due to state-owned companies that had no more investment capacity led to a major reform of the energy sector..

Brazil is currently the largest energy market in Latin America and a major global market. But network expansion is hampered by regulations and technical problems. The effective monopoly of state-owned electricity companies poses a major disadvantage for customers, since power is in the hands of these providers. Customer suffering from high prices, an increased number of middlemen for electricity contracts, little flexibility when it comes to selecting the power source, as well as limited opportunities to run peer-to-peer trading of excess energy.

Electric Token seeks to solve these issues by creating a detailed and transparent platform that brings together the supply and demand of the Brazilian energy market.

2. Brazil is the first step for ETR to change the world of electricity.

Data about Brazil:
Economic growth (2015-2017): 6%
GDP per capita: 9,800.44 USD
Unemployed: 11,7%
Average salary: 404 EUR
Index for real estate growth (2012-2018): 25%
Average electricity cost per 85m2 flat: 37 EUR / month
Cryptocognition in Brazil (Willingness to buy): 3rd place worldwide
Crypto owner in Brazil (current users): 7th place worldwide
Linistrative Brazil: 210 million → 89 million potential customershabitants Bahia: 15.2 million → 7.1 million potential customers
Human Salvador: 2.73 million → 1, 12 million potential customers

At the moment our first application is Brazil. To be precise, the region of Bahia, with its capital Salvador. We are about to start our door-to-door sales of energy contracts there. In one year (2019/2020) we expect 60,000 users who will constantly purchase electricity from us. Next year, 2020/2021, our plan is to expand our customer base to 200,000 users. These users will migrate to our Electric Token platform and automate our business.

The goal is to get as many new customers as possible through door-to-door and register them on our platform. At that time, we will reduce door-to-door costs and focus on our ETR platform.

To learn more, read our whitepaper.


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