Door To Door selling of electricity contracts.

Real business behind the token.

We will find a greater long-term success in our company marketing efforts if we first root our strategic plans and tactics in being more human and understanding human nature and behavior. A personal approach to marketing trough selling electricity door2door in Brazil helps us to develop a keen human point of view in our future ETR platform business operations. This remains very important for our enterprise because it helps each customer and client to feel that they are an important presence in future business operations.

We already partnered with two Brazilian important electricity distributor companies BOVEN Energia & DEAL comercializadora

Why this door to door selling of electricity contracts in Brazil, it's a big opportunity for ETR company:
- Brazil is the largest country in Latin America.
- Brazil has 210 million of inhabitants.
- Brazil is 8th with most consumption of electricity and 3rd with the most expensive electricity in the world.
- Between 2015 and 2018, $ 65 billion was invested in to the Brazilian energy sector.
- While some of the European countries already use such strategy in selling of electricity, in Brazil it is still non-existent.
- ETR company has already an European working business model for selling door to door of electricity contracts. We have a team of people - advisors that are already in successful companies with similar ideas in more developed countries (Example: Slovenia and Italy).
- Two big important partnerships.
- Rapidly growing market (45%) of electricity distribution providers.
- Over the last 2 years electricity sector has become more secure and protected by regulations in Brazil (75% Regulated, 25% Unregulated).
- Initial users familiarised with blockchain and cryptocurrency.
- Rapid growth of safe and real business models behind
- This business model of selling door to door makes ETR Token a cryptocurrency that offer stable revenue and profit to its customers (After Bitcoin bubble in 2017).

With selling door to door of electricity contracts, our clients will have a possibility to pay the electricity bills with ETR tokens at the discounted price.

- Residential: 40%
- Industrial: 25% (Electronics, automotive, healthcare)
- Commercial: 22%
- Rural: 6% (Agricultural)
- Public: 13% (State owned)


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