Why did Electric Token come into existence?

Electric Token come into existence by combining the problem solving situation in electricity sectors around the world. Let's make for an example our first use case Brazil. The current power distribution ecosystem in Brazil is dominated by power generation and distribution monopolies. Consumers are faced with high costs, increasing levels of middle-men in electricity contracts, lack of flexibility to choose the supply of power, limited options to have peer-to-peer trading of excess power. Electric Token aims to solve these problems by providing a comprehensive and transparent platform, that brings together the demand and supply side of the Brazilian electricity market. We also give to the community a possibility to join us on changing the world of electricity, by working with us as our ETR ambassador or joining us on our ETR platform as distributors and consumers.

What is Electric Token?

Electric Token is an utility ERC-20 token, based on Ethereum blockchain. It will be the core token of Electric Token platform. Commissioning on platform in ETR tokens will be created with buying and selling activity of electricity. Beside payment in FIAT, users will be able to pay with ETR tokens at the discounted price for electricity utility bills. For more info please read our Technical Whitepaper.

What is the purpose of Electric Token?

Purpose of Electric Token is to democratize & revolutionize the world of electricity with the help of blockchain technology.

What is the goal of ICO?

The ICO goal is to gather a strong community and build strong business fundamentals, with creating the ETR platform and realize the ETR door2door selling strategy in brazil.

How do you plan to utilize the funds collected from ICO?

Read more under Token Economics – Token allocation.

Why will ETR gain value?

Electric token is an utility token with real use case and it's value will originate from the actual demand in the energy field. On top of that the whole ecosystem behind Electric token is designed in such a way that the profits are directed into backing it. In time the number of tokens will decrease as company will burn them under specific conditions.

How is  ETR different from its competitors?

Most of the tokens issued in the last few years have no real value apart from the market price which is in majority of a speculative origin. Our token has a real use case, backup strategies and will actually be used for electricity expenses and similar purposes shortly after finishing Initial coin offering.

Why should you trust ETR?

Team behind Electric token recognised a huge problem in the energy market. Following a thorough research of the targeted market and developing an effective business model the team has set to disrupt a huge market with proven strategies and the use of blockchain. We believe that the key reason why people trust us is a collaborative set of experienced and focused individuals with a common vision to help the masses in the energy field.

What is the future developement plan?

Right now, our first use-case is the country of Brazil. More exactly region of Bahia the capital city called Salvador. We are about to start a business activity of selling door2door of electricity contracts there. In one year (2019) we expect to have over 60.000 users buying constantly electricity through us. Next year in 2020 our plan is to grow with 200.000 users and than land on our ETR platform to automate our business. The goal is to produce as much as possible new users trough door2door and lend them on our platform. Our company in that moment will be reducing costs on door to door, with focusing on developing of our ETR platform.

Is Electric Token getting listed on any exchange?

Yes. When we finish our ICO, we will give you the information about the listing.

Where can i learn more about the project?

For knowing more about our project you can open or download our whitepaper. We’ve also translated the whitepaper from English to 4 languages (Italian, Russian, Portuguese, and German). If there is still some questions about the project, please do not hesitate and feel free to contact us.

How do i contact Electric Token?

Can i get the refund on my ETR Tokens?

About the refundable process please read the Terms & Conditions form.

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