Ambassador Program

We decided to create an “ETR ambassador program” to run our marketing campaign, rewarding contributor’s trough affiliates links. Joining our affiliate network marketing program requires minimal upfront investment, work hours are flexible and you can do it part time from your home. The only thing you need is a sense of salesmanship. With some charisma, honest enthusiasm and people skills you can earn a substantial amount of money. It’s easy and it’s fun!

- The affiliate payment reward is paid in ETH (Ethereum) only.

- ETR Ambassador has its own "Ambassador Back office“.

- Withdrawals of payment rewards are possible on a daily basis.

- All ETR sales reps are paid in percentages based on the rank in which they are located.

- Multiple languages (english, spanish,german, italian, french, portuguese, croatian, russian, slovenian)-

- First class crypto education.

- Easy to follow / step by step videos / Electric Token Academy.

- Get weekly forecast and rewards.

- Rewards for selling tokens and sponsoring other participants who do the same.

- Be on your own / build a team / enroll people, or just sit tight and enjoy the gains and cash flow.

- 6-7 figure mentorship, grow personally each week and learn from our mentorship calls and webinars with industry leaders.

- Unique referral link

- Receive Email update and announcement through the month

- Design your lifestyle

- Make money while you sleep

ETR Community Expenditure

Where the ETR community is active now: Brazil, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Canada, South Africa and Nigeria

Just ask your promoter to give you an ETR affiliate link and start work with us! If you do not have a promoter, visit our webpage and click:

register for the program.


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