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Brazil is currently the largest electricity market in Latin America and is an important global emerging market, but smart grid deployments have been slowed by regulatory and technical hurdles. The virtual monopoly of the state owned electricity companies have put the consumers at a gross disadvantage, retaining the power in the hands of these electricity companies.

Consumers are faced with high costs, increasing levels of middle-men in electricity contracts, lack of flexibility to choose the supply of power, limited options to have a peer-to-peer trading of excess power.

Electric Token aims to solve these problems by providing a comprehensive and transparent platform, that brings together the demand and supply side of the Brazilian electricity market.The Electric Token platform will be the link between the energy and the cryptocurrency markets; The platform will be based on the distributed decentralized mechanism, that is aimed to rejuvenate and nourish the global energy markets.

Meanwhile, the market in Brazil is liberalizing and un-regulating, the system governs the trade of electricity between independent energy suppliers, and industrial consumers have the option of purchasing from the unregulated market. Brazil is home to more than 125,639 kilometres of electricity lines with a total capacity of 419 MW/year. According to the latest available statistics, regulated market accounts for about 75% of the energy, and the free market accounts for about 25% of the energy. This presents an immense scope for the platform in Brazil.

For knowing more please watch our video bellow or read our whitepaper.


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